what we do

using innovation to create opportunities

Think Digital was born out of a Master's degree programme in Inclusive Innovation. Its aim is to provide excluded persons and communities with life changing innovations and opportunities, whilst simultaneously demonstrating the transformative potential technology holds for their lives.

We apply Human Centred Design principles to inform how we design solutions. We frequently use technology in concert with innovation to create opportunities, solve problems and provide access to information. Please scroll down for more on our programmes.

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Human Centred Design

collaboration & ideation

digital inclusion


Our Programmes

Based on sound research


donate your unused tablet device

Research has shown that tablet computers are easier to use than traditional computers as well as more cost-effective than traditional computers.

Digital Awareness

we show people what technology can do for them

We create awareness about the benefits of Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs) for increasing life chances.

Digital Content Creation

Because one size does not fit all

We design engaging, locally relevant user experiences for the digitaly excluded who frequently feel intimidated by overly complex user experience design.

Inclusive Technology

technology with a social conscience

Everyone should have access to great innovation, the poor is no diffirent. We enable access to important information that have traditionally not reached underserved parts of our population.

Think Digital NPO

century city, cape town, south africa


we prefer them in good working order if possible.