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Think Digital was born out of a Master's degree programme in Inclusive Innovation. We provide government and businesses with digital inclusion solutions to communicate with citizens and employees. For citizens it is accessing hard-to-reach government services, whilst for employees it is providing communication solutions for those that do not have access to corporate email. Due to expensive data and voice costs most web sites and apps are generally not consumed by a large section of South African society. With the proliferation of mobile and chat based apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, citizens and employees now have access to cost effective communication tools that crosses the barrier to communication. We believe messenger apps will replace email in emerging markets faster than anywhere else. It will change the face of communication. In addition, we are establishing South Africa's first deaf contact centre using chat based tools.

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Our Programmes

Based on sound research


donate your unused tablet device

Research has shown that tablet computers are easier to use than traditional computers as well as more cost-effective than traditional computers.

Deaf Contact Centre

Chat based tools now make it possible for deaf person to work in contact centres.

We assist the deaf community with employment through the use of technology. Our chat aggregation platform is an inclusive innovation and allows the deaf community to enter the contact centre industry through the use of chat based interfaces.

Employee Engagement

Connecting non-wired employees

Digital exclusion in the work place creates a them-and-us between between wired and non-wired employees or those who do not operate from a computer and that do not have access to email. This frequently results in work place communication blockages.

Citizen Engagement

providing cost effect tools for engagement

Many citizens, and in particular those from a lower socio-economic status, find it difficult to communicate with government. Many hang up within 20 seconds of calling an IVR due to the high cost of airtime, whilst many others haven't used an email address in months, because they operate in the informal economy where such communication tools are not the standard. They frequently give up accessing government services.

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